• Dear Speaker,
    You will be presenting and we want this experience to go as smoothly as possible for you. On behalf of the conference board, ICOM will manage the Media Production Services and provide you with assistance before, during and after your lecture.
    Submitting your Presentation
    • Please submit your presentation on Flash, Stick Memory or CD/DVD.
    • Please make sure that the saved file(s) contain all media files included in your presentation.
    • Kindly note that “Presenter View” is not supported.
    • All Presentations should be created using Microsoft Office.
    • Perzi presentations are supported.
    • All presentations should be delivered to and reviewed by the Speaker Service Center.
    • If you have a Macbook be sure to bring your Thunderbolt / USB C to VGA / HDMI.
    • Keynote presentations will be converted to PowerPoint Presentations.
    Hall Guidelines
    • Please deliver your Presentation at least 30 minutes before your talk starts
    • Please arrive at the conference hall 10 minutes prior to the beginning of your session.
    • Thank you for abiding by the allocated duration of your presentation.
    • A computerized countdown timer will be displayed on screen and will automatically close the presentation once the time is finished.