Abstracts for the 25th Annual Conference can only be submitted electronically. Authors are invited to submit their abstracts following the instructions of the electronic submission form. An acknowledgement of receipt of your submission will be sent to your e-mail address after the completed submission. Please consider that only completed submissions will enter the review process and all incomplete drafts will be deleted from the system.

Editorial guidelines for abstract submission:

·  The abstract language is English.

·  The text should not exceed 400 words.

·  The abstract must consist of four paragraphs labeled BACKGROUND, METHODS, RESULTS, CONCLUSIONS

·  The text and the title must be free from abbreviations, except those commonly used (e.g.  LVEF, CABG, VSD, ASD etc. It should concisely address the problem and the purpose of the study (BACKGROUND); how the study was performed (METHODS); the main findings with numerical data and statistical significance (RESULTS); and the principal conclusions drawn from the study (CONCLUSIONS)

·  Each Word in the title of the abstract must be Capitalized; Please enter the FIRST NAME in full, followed by the LAST NAME, for each author without abbreviations (e.g. John Smith, and NOT J. Smith).

· please submit your abstract in PDF format

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